Thursday, February 7, 2008

25 years with a wonderful man...

Today marked Robert & my 25th anniversary. I simply cannot believe it has been that long, but it sure has been precious time that I'm grateful. Even years apart could not stop our love. Every day I am thankful for this wonderful man, and look forward to what each (rather adventurous day) will hold.
We are currently at a resort taking a break from our last adventure, just the two of us alone, the way we like it.

We wanted to plan a very special evening for tonight, and Robert said "Let me take care of that". I woke up this morning to turn & find Robert not beside me, but a bouquet of flowers, and a card that read "No Two Souls Have Been More Right For Each Other, More Perfect More Blessed." He still remembers every little word.
Then he peered out from behind the curtains with that devilish grin and he swayed over to me & kissed me. Pretty soon there was a knock on the door, and room service had arrived. There is nothing like breakfast in bed with Robert.
Our room is equipped with a jacuzzi & sauna, and for old times sake, we have definitely been using it. We decided to start the morning off right with a morning bath.

After getting dressed, I informed him I had a gift for him, and teased him asking if he had one for me. He said of course but I'd have to wait...I spent most of the day wondering what it could be. He said "lets not waste the day, the outdoors is too beautiful, and so are you". We decided to walk along the water, and I of course had to stop in some of the extravengant shops.
We had lunch along the bay, and while we slowly nibbled at our meals, just gazed at each other in amazement.
We also went out on a sailboat, and just sat romantically gazing at the beauty of nature and each other. I'm so happy we're here right now and not in New York where the weather would've been dreadful. However, no matter where we were, I don't think anything could've dampened this day.

Robert then said that we would have to split up for a couple hours, because he had some more things to take care of for our special evening. This peaked my curiousity even more, and I playfully tickled him for information. He would not give me anything.
Well I asked him what I should wear that evening, and he told me "nothing"...I smiled. He said to go buy myself a nice dress. Naturally, I could not argue with spending more money on clothes, and why not some new jewelry as well. Then I thought maybe I was getting jewelry this evening, but I should still buy some anyways, just in case.

After I found the perfect dress, and thought enough time had passed, I called Robert's cell and asked if it was safe to come back yet, and he said yes but knock first. I stopped by the front desk to pick up my gifts for Robert, that I had them hold so he wouldn't find them. I put them in my shopping bags. I get to the door, and there's a sign that says "Honeymoon Suite". I smiled, and knocked on the door. He comes out & says he has to blindfold me to take me into the bedroom. I'm thinking he's slyly just trying to skip to end of the evening already. He takes me in there and tells me to go ahead & put on what I bought. I did so, and touched up my hair & makeup. I don't know why I still try to look perfect for him, he tells me I am every day. He finally tells me I can come out. He has the suite decorated
exquisitely. (He must've had help) He had a table for 2 set up, candlelight, and ordered us the finest dinner from the resort's restaurant. He was acting quite the gentleman, and I was definetly charmed by him as always. He also had a CD of music playing of our favorites in the background. That took us back & we talked about many past memories & laughed. How lucky are we to be sitting right here at this moment? He said he saved the last song for us to dance to, and it was our song "The Greatest Love Affair" by Jeffrey Osbourne. This song always makes me tear up with happiness, and of course I did when he asked me to dance. This is all I need right here, right now, just the two of us. Nothing else matters.

After we danced, I said I have to go get his gift.
He said "It's not a live Wallaby is it?" and I said "no but close".
It was however the brass statue that used to sit on his desk at the PCPD. I had Mac get it from the attic for me, and send it. I told him wherever we land, I hope it will go on his desk or our mantle, or wherever he would like it to go. I also handed him an envelope and said this is where I would like our home to be. He opened it, and inside I enclosed 2 plane tickets to Australia. Other than Port Charles, I was happy with him in Australia, and we hadn't been back there yet.
Robert was shocked. He told me to wait a minute, and he went to get my gift. I opened it, and it was a photo of our beautiful home we used to have in Australia & a set of keys, and he said he bought it back! How perfect is it that we were thinking the same thing? Robert said he wants us to have a home there to go to in between our adventures. We were both so happy that we had tears in our eyes & kissed as if we could see the next 25 years right in front of us. And one thing led to another & you get the picture...
We are about to watch my DVD of Rebecca and fall asleep in each others arms...
What a perfect evening...what a perfect 25 years

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in the Jungle????

We have been in this bloody jungle for weeks now. I cannot wait to go home. I want a nice hot bath, I want to be back in England where there are no poisonous spiders or giant snakes. More than anything, I want peace. Robert and Anna are constantly bickering and trying to one up each other. It is a wonder we manage to get anything done. I think we could have been home already if they could just learn to get along.
Robert and I were looking forward to a romantic Christmas ALONE. We haven't had a Christmas together in so many years. Three is definitely a crowd.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quality Time

I apologize for the delay in posting, but as I'm sure you're aware, Robert and I have been spending some quality time together - reacquainting ourselves with one another.

As I sit here and think back on the past few weeks, I'm in awe of how much I truly love that man. Our first time around was absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't trade a moment of it - even the bad times, but now we're older and wiser. Now we know what it's like to be apart for a lifetime and how foolish we were to waste time. I have wondered what would have happen if Anna hadn't disappeared all those years ago. What if we had all stayed in Port Charles? Would Robert have left Anna to return to me? We started to talk about it one night, but really, you could say you would have done one thing when, in fact, you would have done another. It's pointless.

What matters now is now. We're together and we're happily, blissfully in love and the one lesson we learned so long ago but forgot along the way is trust makes love flourish. We trust one another; no doubts, no questions.And now it seems that duty is calling - what doesn't the agency understand about "retirement"? LOL! Our services are needed and so together we're off to answer the call. I'll try to check in again soon, but I make no promises. Keep good thoughts for us.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Caper...RESOLVED!

Ah! Sandy beaches and me getting a fabulous tan - life can't get any better than this! Helena is locked up, the world is safe from her and her maniacal ways and Robert had to admit that I'm a bloody good agent! That's right, agent. Now that this is all over with, I can tell you the truth.

When I thought I had lost Robert all those years ago, my life seemed so empty, so I did what any reformed con artist agent wannabe would do and joined MI6. I was their top agent until a few days ago when I retired. Helena was a tough one to bring in, but she was greedy and that greed brought her down. She needed those jewels to pull off a re-dux of Mikkos' weather machine and she got sloppy. She thought she had me trapped, thought she had me right where she wanted, only she thought wrong. Just as I planned, Robert came in and it was checkmate. Seriously, I could have handled it on my own, but he needed to feel needed, so..... LOL!

Actually, we're a good team, always have been, always will be. And now we're going to take it easy for a bit, maybe travel a little, relax, enjoy one another. Then we may move back to Port Charles, that town could use some cleaning up! Someone needs to take that mini Mob man and his "partner" in crime down and I believe Robert and I may be just the two people to do so.

Speaking of Robert, I see him walking this way - have I mentioned just how fabulous he looks in swim trunks? Still makes my heart go pitter-patter! It may be a while before I post again, we have some......... relaxing to do! Cheers!

Monday, June 4, 2007


It seems I have a little time to write now. Robert is off brooding. It seems that desperate times call for desperate measures and Robert was forced to agree to my plan. Now he is angry, but there isn't any other way and he knows it. We have only a short time to prepare now. I hope this will bring this whole adventure to a close. Robert is not as optimistic as I am. I have a feeling, if he managed to come up with a better plan, one that undoubtedly would have had me stay behind while he dealt with Helena, he would be a lot more confident right now.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Global Freezing

Sorry for the delay in updating this blog, it's been absolutely crazy of late! I had a brilliant plan and Robert has a fragile ego. It seems Helena decided to try and finish what Mikkos started. Yep, it's time to freeze the world again, as if global warming is screwing things up enough already. Anyway, I figured out where Helena had the scientists locked up - did I tell you that she had kidnapped several of the worlds leading climatologists and meteorologists and was forcing them to work with her? If not, then she did and I discovered where they were being held. With Robert as my back-up, we were able to free them and get them safely back home. They had done everything she demanded, but she still needs the jewels I have. And without them she has nothing. Helena's men put up a fight, but brains will win over brawn every time and I've got the brains! Robert suffered a few bruises and has been whining all day. He wants me to "kiss his boo-boo and make it all better".
The things I do for that man!

Having stopped her this time doesn't mean the world is safe yet, Helena is still at large and that's never a good thing. I have another plan, now I just need to "talk" Robert into it. If he ever wants me to "kiss" anything of his again, he'll just nod yes and come along quietly.

Have I mentioned lately just how much I absolutely adore that man?

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over...

Robert's mad at me - the honeymoon is over - lol! It matters not that my plan worked, only that I "could have been killed!" He doesn't seem to remember that I've been doing this for a long time now and I'm very good at it. He's so cute when he gets this way; he's downstairs in the bar pouting.

I had a plan to draw Helena out and it worked, unfortunately one of her men tried to grab me and Robert went off on him and Helena got away. I've told him time and time again, I can take care of myself - I've been doing it for the past 14 years and I'm still here. I love having him around - having his help, but he puts his emotions out there first and it can get in the way of the job; just like today. It took me 4 days to set this up and now - poof! It's back to the drawing board, but still I have what Helena wants, so she'll be back and soon, I can feel it.